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Sikhism traces its origin to the Punjab state of India. This religion started around 1500 CE during a time where Hinduism and Islam were prominent in the state of Punjab. Currently, Sikhs claim there are 20 million followers worldwide. The founder of Sikhism is Guru Nanak who was born into a Hindu family in 1469 in the Punjab of India.

Sikhs promote their religion as a religion of love and understanding that is free from the rituals of Hinduism and Islam. Sikhs follow the teachings of the ten Gurus, whose teachings are found in their holy book. The Golden Temple in Punjab is one of most attractive Sikh religious centers.


  • There is one God who is found in all religions
  • The soul is a spirit that goes through births and deaths before getting to human form
  • Salvation is achieved once one’s spirit merges with God
  • Teaches against rituals that are without meaning such as fasting, worshipping of the dead, idol worship, etc.
  • Teaches equality of men and women in the eyes of God; women are allowed to participate in religious functions
  • There are no priests, only custodians

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